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Main Features

Our one-of-a-kind technology and cutting edge design combines style and functionality to charge multiple devices on the go.

  • 2.1A Highspeed Charging

  • Pass-Through Charging

  • LED Battery Life Display

  • Automatic Power Save Mode

  • Multiple Device Charging

  • Arrives

For The Ones Who Go.

We empower the ones who Go. We enable them to Go further. Go smoother. Go where no one’s gone. We’re on a mission to help our users move and charge with no bounds. Anytime.

Pick Your Style Limited Edition Colors

We offer a wide selection of limited edition colors and patterns to seamlessly fit your unique style.

Rush Charge Blink

Wireless single-tip portable phone charger / Power Blank

Pop quiz: you're out and about, your device is about to die and there's not an outlet in sight? What do you do? Simple! You connect your device to your Rush Charge RC2000 portable charger. We have integrated everything you need for charging into one device, there are no more messy and tangled cables or heavy power banks; Rush Charge fits comfortably in your pocket, where it is designed for your on-the-go lifestyle. It even comes pre-charged and ready to go, so you can stay powered up right from the jump.


Includes one individually boxed RC2000 charger

2,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Pre-charged RC20 is up to 14+hours of extended use

Pass-through technology, you can charge your rush charge and your phone at the same time

Recharge using your existing phone cable; alone or simultaneously with your device

LED light for remaining battery life

Each measures approximately 2.5"W x 2.5"L x 0.5"D

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Rush Charge Blink, simply let us know during your first 30 days and we’ll refund your money.

Secure Payment

We offer a strong level of protection against many types of fraud so that your transactions with us are 100% secure.

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