The Rush Charge Universe


​​The Rush Charge Universe  is the ultimate patented  3-in-1 charger that ensures you can charge any device wherever you are! Never fall victim to a dead battery! No more messy and tangled cables or heavy power banks you have to remember to charge—this cable-free charger is equipped with USB-C, Apple Lightning, and Micro-USB connectors that allows you to plug it directly into any compatible device for up to 26 hours of extended battery life.

Where Style meets Function

The compact size makes it easy to take with you anywhere, and power up anytime. Convenient one-hand operation eliminates any downtime associated with any other charging solution. Allowing you to charge and use all your devices  uninterrupted. Unleash your freedom. The addition of pass-through charging technology means you can recharge your phones / other devices and the Rush Charge simultaneously. Pre-charged and ready to use right out of the box, you can instantly recharge smartphones, tablets,  and other electronic devices ON THE GO!​​

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Why Rush Charge?

Stay Connected

Stay connected all day long and never miss a beat again. No matter where you are or what you’re doing the Rush Charge Universe will MAKE SURE you stay connected. Don’t miss emergencies, don’t lose your way home, and DON’T LOSE CONNECTION!

Works With Any Device

With its 3-IN-1 design, the Universe works with ANY CELL PHONE AND DEVICE. Including Apple Lightning Tip, USB-C Tip, and Micro-USB Tip and you can use all three at the same time! No matter what portable device you want to charge, the Universe will bring it back to life!

Patented Wire-Free Design

What truly makes thee Universe unique is that it is Wire-Free. It’s the only portable charger and can charge any device without having to juggle your cords. Throw away your old fashioned portable chargers that can require up to 3 charging cables. No matter what type of cable you have at home it is compatible to recharge the Universe.

Modern Design

Not only is the Rush Charge Universe the most convenient charger in the world, it’s also the most stylish. With multiple colors and patterns available the Universe is the next big FASHION STATEMENT in the electronics industry. Stay ahead of the trends and be fashion forward with Rush Charge today!

The Only Charger You Need

Compatible With:

  • All Smartphones
  • All Tablets
  • All Game Controllers
  • All Portable Gaming Consoles
  • All Headphones
    All Bluetooth Speakers
  • All Webcams or Cameras
  • All Wireless Earbuds
  • And So Much More
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