About Us

Our founders who are deeply rooted in the high-fashion industry, are always on the go, and are constantly glued to their phones. The necessity of always having be to be on their phones created a situation of constantly needing to recharge their batteries. Sitting by an outlet and waiting for their phones to charge was NOT an option.

They also agreed that the power banks currently on the market were cumbersome and didn't exactly fit the everyday life of the fast paced on-the-go high-fashion industry.

The brothers needed to find a wireless, sleek, and fast charging solution; something that allowed them the freedom of remaining untethered.

Over the course of four years, they used their high-end fashion design experience to create a sleek and chic battery bank that fits conveniently in your pocket, backpack, or purse. Rush Charge provides a rechargeable battery that is conveniently wireless, compact, and affordable. With this product, you're not only free to stay on-the-go, but you can also feel confident doing it. 

Discover the freedom of simplified charging; discover freedom unleashed.